Blood Testing

Healthy Stuff Online prides itself on ensuring that each blood sample sent into its UK labs is handled with the utmost care. The lab technicians treat each sample with due diligence, as they endeavour to ensure that the customer receives accurate and comprehensive results, all in a timely manner.

When a sample is received into the laboratory, all blood samples are immediately sent to the Blood Testing Laboratory. This is an air-conditioned environment to ensure that the temperature is constant at room temperature (approximately 21˚c in the U.K.).

Testing for IgG4 over IgG1 or total IgG is a massive advantage for Healthy Stuff Online and its companies over its competitors. This is because testing for IgG4 leads to a reduced number of false-positives. False positives can be misleading, and the lab technicians work around the clock to ensure that customers receive the most accurate results.

Out of the four subclasses of IgG, the most commonly tested antibodies are IgG1 and IgG4, of which Healthy Stuff Online can test for both. These antibodies are produced in response to food antigens. As such, our testing processes are able to identify others’ intolerances a lot easier, leading to more comprehensive and detailed reports.

As IgG1 antibodies are first responders, we can reach new food antigens by joining the antigens and forming complexes. From there, these complexes are quickly destroyed by immune system cells which are called macrophages. These IgG1 antibodies can then additionally activate further immune reactions, and as such, they complement cascade and inflammation.

Our blood spot testing processes are reviewed every month by the lab manager who works closely with the rest of the team to ensure that the customer receives only the best experience.

Healthy Stuff Online do not leave the customer as soon as they have bought the product. Possessing an ability to deliver an expert aftercare programme, customers have the option to receive or purchase nutritional consultations from our nutritional therapists.