Hair Testing

Bioresonance hair testing is ideal for people looking to understand why they are suffering from fatigue, headaches and other intolerance symptoms like nausea. Used as a holistic form of therapy, our lab technicians our able to identify which foods you are likely to have an intolerance to.

The test results help you to revolutionise your diet and understand what foods you need to be eating and what you do not. The same equipment that is used for our bioresonance hair testing is used by Chinese hospitals, the Russian Space project and over 7000 practitioners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is used by professional sports teams and Olympic teams alike to understand issues not always picked up by conventional medicine.

Excitingly, Healthy Stuff Online are able to provide aftercare which helps customers to alter their diet and source alternatives to certain foods that are listed in their report.

Being experts in the field, our lab technicians can ensure a quick turnaround, and customers are thrilled by the fast results that they receive, and that is even before they get the 28 day follow up, advising them on their alternatives.

Imagine finding out you are intolerant to wheat, panic mode may strike, but luckily our follow up allows customers to source alternatives. The 28 day follow up is also unique to Healthy Stuff Online brands.

By opting for bioresonance therapy, you can understand more about your body.